•      Personal Development Coaching

  •      Transitional Coaching

    • Changing jobs, career, or position
    • Retirement
    • New executives and managers
  •      Executive Coaching

    • Personal coaching with executives and managers
    • Leadership coaching
  •      Internal Coaching

    • Serving as an internal coach to employees within an organization.

Organization, Culture, Values, Leadership

      Peter Drucker is credited with the quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  Healthy organizational culture is what sustains growth over time. Top performance, employee retention, creativity, and customer satisfaction are all rooted in culture.  Culture starts at the top, and top performing organizations know that strong leadership skills throughout the organization drive and sustain a winning culture. At Perdurable we work with small businesses and nonprofit organizations to maximize performance and overcome challenges, through strong leadership development and clarifying core values that translate into a culture where sustained growth can flourish.    

Leadership Development

     At Perdurable we use the principles of Energy Leadership Dynamics to build strong leaders and strong leadership teams. This is done by evaluating individuals and team members to determine their Core Energy Profile, both under normal conditions and under stress.  Then, through coaching we work together to increase those levels of energy to achieve top performance. This in turn generates opportunities, decreases fear, and unleashes unlimited potential.

Planning & Problem Solving

     Using the principles of Adaptive Leadership in problem solving, we teach individuals, groups and teams a process that digs deep to understand the true nature of the problem and challenge before creating strategies and activities.  Quick fixes, band-aids, and “kicking the can down the road”, seldom work with complex problems and issues. At Perdurable we teach you and your team a new way to think, investigate, question, experiment and work together as a true team to solve difficult challenges.

Nonprofit Organizations

   Coaching and Consulting in areas of

  • Board of Directors leadership training in Generative Governance
  • Fundraising
  • Program Development and evaluation
  • Strategic planning that is actually usable
  • Systems development and management
  • Staff leadership development

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